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Who is the Creative Entreprenuer?


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I have come across many blog post from individuals who not only share their knowledge for free via their blog, but they offer services as well. Many of the services range from navigating social media to creating graphics for your blog.

I follow many of these people because I like the content. Much of the information provided can be applied no matter what type of business you own. What I’ve noticed though is that most of the information seems to be for bloggers/writers. Not all creatives write or need to write/blog to sell their products.

Though I have a blog and post occasionally writing is not my creative. I create paintings, prints (paper and T-shirts) and I just started crocheting again. Again I can use some of the information from those blogs, but I haven’t found any that help non-writing creatives.

I feel that this is an untapped market of information that is hard to find for creatives like me. I am very new with sharing my art so I am learning myself which is how I know the information is hard to find.

If you know anyone who is sharing how to sell art let me know. As I learn I will share with you.

Happy Tuesday