Weight Loss Rollercoaster


Weight loss and literally been a rollercoaster for me. Have you had weeks were you are doing well and one day out of the weekend ruins all of your efforts? This happens to me often. I had a good week and went a little overboard on Saturday. It is 1:14AM Sunday as I write this and I’m like “why did you do that?” Now I have to spend all week to lose what I may have gained from that one day. I am be a little hard on myself. I know I shouldn’t do that.

This journey isn’t easy. We have to learn to be gentle with ourselves and know that mistakes happen. Choices and being prepared can help make these mistakes less likely to occur. I know my biggest mistake isn’t what I ate, but that I didn’t prepare. I left home without eating breakfast and after being out all day I was hungry. I bought and ate what ever. I had things at home, but again not having those foods prepped and ready to make a meal made me less likely to eat those foods.

I don’t like the rollercoaster ride. I’m getting off and going straight to…I don’t know the rollercoaster equivalent to planning, but that’s what I will do. Monday through Friday is usually not an issue for. It’s the weekends that I struggle with. Tomorrow I will buy my groceries (instead of going to see another movie. I’m addicted) and prepping my foods. This will including cleaning the fridge and getting rid of anything that needs to be tossed. By doing this when I open the fridge I see possibilities instead of food that is no longer edible (yuck lol).

Have you recognized triggers that cause temporary setbacks in your goals? What do you do to get out of it? Please share your experience in the comments.




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