writing 101 challenge – day 10

happy birthday

i think for most people birthdays were very special when they were growing up. then you become an adult and for some of us birthdays mean less and less as the years go by. that is how i feel, but life is what you make it right? as a kid when our birthday came around we had cake and ice cream. this wasn’t something that we had all the time so i was excited for my birthday just to have that lovely combination. the special birthday boy or girl go to pick out the cake and ice cream flavor. i always got chocolate cake and neopolitan ice cream. those really were happy days. now for my birthday i rarely do anything. i take off from work. i’ll usually go to the movies and maybe out to each with my sisters. two years ago i went to chicago for the first time for my birthday. that was really fun. this year i did nothing again. after going to chicago the year before it was really boring staying local. i did do some shopping and i went the casino. that was low fun and not high big fun like chicago. next year i think i will go to new york or the beach. i am itching to put my toes into some beautiful soft sand and clear blue waters. im waiting to lose weight so i can enjoy the beach in some type of swimwear. whether i do that or not…i’m going to the beach.


3 thoughts on “writing 101 challenge – day 10

  1. Cielo says:

    cake and ice cream is always good 🙂


  2. Made me think of the ice-cream cake I had as a kid for my birthdays. Nicely written.


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