a drought

not really, but the last two days #writing101 assignments weren’t my cup of tea. interesting ideas, but i could not think of anything. i am going to write about anything. the point is to just write and get into the habit of writing daily. i wish i wrote yesterday, but that day is gone so there is nothing i can do about it now. that is why i am here today.

if you remember my last post i said i would track people i meet and the conversation. i’m a little scared to do that. put myself out there. i haven’t had any real conversations with anyone new. nothing on tuesday and on wednesday a lady said to me “hello beautiful black queen” which put a smile on my face, but i didn’t stop to talk to her. i am a shy person and though i am not as shy as i used to be i still don’t talk to strangers.


this is me all day lol. so i get a lot of people telling me to smile or trying to get me to smile. it’s not that i don’t want to smile i just don’t. i’m usually in my head thinking about something. i’m in the zone and not paying any attention to whether i am smiling or not. sometimes i try to think “smile” and then i can feel the smile on my face, but then i stop thinking it and it disappears.

lesson learned: if you don’t smile people will tell you that you are beautiful to make you smile.


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