writing 101 challenge – day 6

the most interesting person i’ve met this year…i haven’t met very many people. nothing was wrong with them, but to say they were interesting. i don’t know about that. you know what would be interesting? to keep track of all the people you meet in a year. i don’t think i meet that many people, but you never know unless you think about it. it would be interesting that everytime you met someone face to face, greeted, and had even a brief conversation how many people would that be. you may not learn their name, but they could still make a difference in your life. some little thing they said could make you think or behave differently, but hopefully in a positive way. face to face interactions don’t happen often anymore. we cram into elevators and public transportation all while staring at the tiny screens in front of us. i rarely do that because of motion sickness so i end up looking out the window or watching the numbers in the elevator.

i can’t beleive i’m going to do this, but i will keep track of everyone i meet for the next 365 days. i will post it on my blog and tag it #whoimettoday. i may not meet someone everyday, but when i do i will report it here. i will not intentially solicite a conversation (that’s not my personality). i will let it happen naturally. i will not post names of the people. just the conversation and if i learned anything. i hope you enjoy this series and maybe will take on the challenge yourself.

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2 thoughts on “writing 101 challenge – day 6

  1. Put It Together 4 U says:

    Interesting concept you proposed here, BethShereyf! I won’t falsely commit to following suit, but I am very interested in your outcome. I WILL be following along. 😀

    If you are interested in my Day Six assignment, you can find it here: http://putittogether4u.wordpress.com/2014/06/09/my-senses-were-assaulted-day-six-blogging-university

    Are you enjoying Writing 101 overall? I find some of the tasks daunting, but I complete them because I am all in!

    ~ Angela


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