writing 101 challenge – day 3

hm the three most important songs in my life? is that possible? i enjoy music, but i never thought of a song to mean so much to me that it was important. if i was married then i guess the first song my hubs and i dance to would be important, but that’s it. i do have some favorites.

i will always love these two songs. janet jacksons pleasure principle and anita bakers no one in the world. i was so young when these songs came out, but for some reason they spoke to me. they spoke to the quiet girl inside who wants to speak up for herself. janet jackson’s pleasure principle is from the control album in 1986. i was only 6 years old. what does a 6 year old know about pleasure lol. not a thing. well not janet’s type of pleasure lol. pleasure principle was about love or having the right love. ending it with someone because there was a lack of pleasure. 

anita baker’s no one in the world was more about the video than the song. i love the song but what did i know about love? not a thing. no oen in he wrold is also from 1986 on the rapture album. you know what in 1986 my parents divorced. maybe i was searching for answers to love through music lol. anyways the video to this song is so me. it starts out with anita being dragged to an apollo type performance. she is shy and timid. she almost refuses to perform out of fear of being struck by a bow an arrow. just before it’s too late her confidence sky rockets and she wows the crowd. the song is beautiful, but i often fill like the timid anita at the beginning of the video. i haven’t hit my wave of confidence yet. i am in toastmasters which has helpled tremediously in building my confidence, but i am far from wanting to sing in public. i love to sing. i love harmony, but my best performances are in the bathroom lol. one day i will venture into the bedroom and sing like i do in the bathroom. not sure when that will be. 

i guess they are a little important to me. i relate to those songs in ways the artists probably didn’t expect. 


3 thoughts on “writing 101 challenge – day 3

  1. nubianwaters says:

    I can relate to singing and hitting that wave of confidence. You are not alone, many of my best performances have been in the bathroom with numerous bathroom products being my applauding audience…lol. One thing I know for sure, music is beautiful and I can;t just imagine a world without it. 🙂


  2. Lyrics and filmclips both play an important role in our lives. I’ll never forget the song Daddy dont you Walk so Fast… it is sung by Wayne Newton and released on April 8,1972. I was 10 years and had spent a lifetime missing my dad.

    A moving share


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