writing 101 challenge day 2 – a room with a view

saturday morning sleep in bed. the sun slips through the blinds that cover the window. the sound of the lawn mower wakes me and the sun greets me hello. 

i loved my bedroom growing up. it wasn’t the biggest, but it had a nice big window that let in the morning sun. it also had burgular bars. i grew up in the hood, but it never felt like it. my mom always made sure we were safe and we were. my room was my happy place. it was were i played with my barbie dream house (used, but loved), we played ship on rainy days, and where i would color for hours. i think about my room often because its where my imagination thrived. it’s where i was able to be myself. 

when i buy my home it must have good natural light and my bedroom must get the morning sun.


3 thoughts on “writing 101 challenge day 2 – a room with a view

  1. Real sweet, simple and to the point, like it!


  2. I have thing for windows… I love them… the perfect place to hang crystal prisms. You conveyed a warm homely picture here.


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